the place where you live.

Poetry is best written about the places the writer knows best.  Or at least that’s what I thought when I read this great little poem by William Carlos Williams, called “Pastoral”.  Besides being a poet, Williams was a doctor by profession, so I like to picture him in white shirt and tie as he narrates this one.

“Pastoral”, William Carlos Williams

So in the spirit of “Pastoral”, I thought we could try writing a poem about a very specific place, one that holds a special meaning for you.  I really admire the way Williams uses concrete images (chicken wire, barrel staves) to evoke barely perceptible feelings of nostalgia and yearning.  So let’s try a similar approach!

It’s currently Thursday night (Dunkin Donuts once again), and I’m going to get started on my poem, and I plan to post by early afternoon tomorrow.  Hopefully you guys can do the same, or perhaps some day this weekend.


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